New Series: Dance


I’ve been inspired again to follow the dancing train of thought.

The last few weeks have been spent studying the fluid movement of dancers and trying to express that in a way that shows the passion and the finite

The life cycle of a dance is inextricably linked to the music it expresses. I create in these series of paintings an extension of the dance by imposing the same temporal constraints of the music. Each painting is created within the time and to the same music each dancer performed to in an attempt to capture the sense of drama, rhythm and immediacy. The process of painting becomes a dance in itself, exciting and full of the violence of a finite existence. The painting is created in action just as the dance lives through its performance, a short burst of expression and passion in the silence that precedes and follows it.

It is also interesting to consider this process from a hermeneutic perspective. The dancers interpret the music within the bounds of their craft and I shall be interpreting their dance within the bounds of mine but still in relation to the music.

However, as a dancer needs to rehearse for the dance, a canvas can’t be approached without first having done the groundwork. Studying a dance form, sketching and observing the movements, angles, dissecting the choreography whilst still considering every movement of the performance is a moment in the continual choreography. All this work informs and produces the confidence to communicate the meaning and emotion of the dance as this series is not intended to portray an objective reality but to express the subjective experience of and response to different performances.  

I will shortly organise my studies and post them up.

 In the meantime here are some interesting links on dance:

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