Dance Series: Fait Accompli


It’s done! After many mishaps mostly due to a poor judgement of timing, I have managed to get out of this experiment some pieces that capture the essence of the dance they represent. This was a very challenging project indeed. I had previously become accustomed to the slower pace of working with oils and used to believe that the patience required for oils was a great talent in itself, I have however found that it has become a crutch I’ve relied on for too long. Without the luxury of time, one has to become more focused, decisive and much more free in expression. Acrylics have truly made me not only confront my own shortcommings but become aware of them.

If the perfectionist inside that refuses to believe that a work can be finished takes over your work, time limits are a great way to let it know that Art is as much in the creative errors of a moment as in the finished product.

Enough with words, lets get some visuals out there.

The prep work for each piece consisted of listening to the songs that accompanied each dance until the sense of its rhythm and duration became ingrained in me. Once I knew the music inside and out, I put out the canvas and did a trial run and found the motions became exaggerated like a dance in itself


Next came the paints. A few frustrating attempts later, I realised that I had to prepare it all and enough of each colour with gradations before I even started as the music didn’t allow time to mix up another batch if I ran out and more importanly, the flow of the dance became disrupted. So here’s the beginnings of my strategic awareness:


Then came the paintings, my ego wont allow me to show the many failed attempts here so I will give you the ones that I shall allow to survive along with the songs that inspired their existence.

Bellydance to Farid el Atrash ‘Dayman Maak’


Flamenco to Cameron de la Isla & Paco de Lucio ‘Bulerias’


Ballet to Stravinsky ‘Firebird’ extract 


Tango Argentina to Orquesta Tipica Sabor A Tango ‘Quejas de Bandoneon (Juan de Dios Filliberto)’


Bellydance to Andalus Ensemble ‘Leylet Hob’


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