Sunny Creativity: You are who you’re with


I spent most of yesterday with the filmmaker Malwina Sworczuk ( having delightfully stimulating conversations about migration, dark imagery and future projects. 

It’s very rare to meet anyone with such determination in her work, someone who lives and breathes her passion. I try to surround myself with people like Malwina in a hope that their work ethic somehow rubs off on me through a process of conversational osmosis. I think it works as after meeting with people like Malwina, I always have a creative urge and a desperate desire to be actively working. 

This has led me to consider the idea that you are who you’re with. The people you spend your life with have the most influence on you, it’s quite a logical conclusion but one I hadn’t really consiered before. I trailed though the internet looking for articles that could elaborate on this and found a treasure trove of sources. Here are a few of them, I hope they’re as insightful for you as they were for me:

 Malwina has a few very interesting projects in the works including a documentarty on migration, a quirky film that explores the concept of commitment and a couple of music videos for the post-punk electronic band Cult with No Name ( I would advise you to keep an eye out for her, she’s definitely a filmmaker on the rise. 



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