New Originals: A-Side B-Side Gallery


The stars of the show!!!!

The exhibition has come to an end, thank you to everyone who participated and to all who attended and supported us on the night. We had a great turnout and many people showed great interest in all pieces. Hopefully, this is an indication of things to come.

To see more works from artists visit their websites:

Aiden Tielli:

Ian Smart:

Jonathan Knapp:

Kethi Copeland:

Peggah Khashian:

Here’s some photos of the day before the rush in the evening:

10653477_10154712771885217_6915123265611347415_n 1551470_971132056236125_3877382727565334119_n

10346543_971132006236130_7374559802393442394_n 10416990_971132096236121_2950099063853130712_n 10418515_969970119685652_1227408055832902932_n  10538542_10154712771525217_3560127244524029167_n

first thursdays shapeimage_1

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