Artist Statement

Peggah Khashian is an Independent Iranian artist living and working in London. Her work is highly influenced by surrealism, semiotics and Phenomenology. She focuses on connecting unrelated items, both organic and industrial, to create images that invoke variable meanings through their interaction and context.


Born in London to an Iranian family, Peggah began painting seriously as a young child. At fourteen, she moved to Dubai where interaction with a global community of expats began to peak her interest in the concepts of interpretation and context. During her formative year, Peggah travelled extensively throughout Europe and the Middle East giving her a broad perspective on world events and the interaction between eastern and western values and culture. Whilst in Iran, she studied Persian miniature painting, which taught her the skills and techniques that are still evident in her works. Her fascination with line and fluidity in her works can be trace back to the traditional techniques still used in Iran. Upon returning to London she has continued to cultivate her artistic perspective, and having finished a Masters in Law, has decided to devote herself to developing her vision and style.

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